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Introducing "The District Creatives Radio Show"

Words can not even express how excited I am to announce that I am the official creator and host of the District Creatives Radio Show! This brand new podcast is exactly what I imagined when I created my 2018 vision board. The District Creatives Radio Show hosted is a 30 minute program featuring interviews highlighting the work of millennials/young adult creatives in Washington, D.C. The focus of the content is arts, entertainment, and the creative economy.

The District Creatives Radio Show will provide a platform for creatives to share the work and content they provide in this city and for the city. The show will also create a dialogue around the joys and pains of pursuing your passion, resources for district creatives, and balancing your passion project with your paycheck. These discussions will not only highlight current creatives but also guide future creatives in the District of Columbia.

The show launches on December 3rd and airs Monday through Friday on 96.3HD4 and online at Tune in and be inspired by the stories of creatives in the 202 area code. If you are interested in being a guest on the show email me at

Remember, your dreams can become your reality if you believe and have the courage to pursue them! See you on air and on Instagram @SavvyCherise


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