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Playlist & Chill: A Collection Of Love Songs for You & Bae

Nothing sets the mood for love like a glass of wine, a bomb playlist, and bae. Sometimes the most romantic evenings are the simplest ones. Hanging out on the couch, vibing to your favorite tracks, and snuggling with the one you love. This valentine's day I've done all the lovers (current and aspiring) a favor by creating four love inspired playlist to get you in the zone.

For the singles and aspiring lovers: Don't you dare feel sad, lonely, or depressed if you find yourself single this valentine's day. Instead imagine yourself in the loving relationship you desire. Listen to the "Him For The Win" playlist with excitement and anticipation about the love you are manifesting through thoughts of worthiness and acts of self love. You deserve to be loved, and guess're going to get it. I'm rooting for you.

The Bae List Valentine's Day Playlist collections features four titles:

1- Valentine's Bae List: For the couples in love and ready to show each other with action. (disclaimer: not responsiblie for pregnancies as a result of this playlist)

2- Him For The Win: Celebrating the man you love with the songs that focus on him. The fella's deserve to be prioritized on Valentine's Day too!

3-Valentine's Trap & B: A splash of R&B mixed with trap, this playlist is my personal favorite! For the thug lovers and sophisticated ratchet music fans. Add a little twerk to your V-day with this collection of urban love songs for the culture.

4-For The Love Her: Fellas, put that women first. Impress your lady love with this playlist and song lyrics highlighting all the things that make you love HER.

Valentine's Day Bae List Playlist Collection curated by @savvycherise

Click the playlist titles above to go directly to each collection via spotify. Click the heart on the image above to go listen on Tidal. What are some of your favorite slow jams and love songs? Leave a comment below or share with me on instagram @SavvyCherise

Happy Loving!

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