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CEO CHIC Is a premeire lifestyle brand for millinieals dedicated to handling business and being the CEO of their life.  Those individuals who ascribe to the CEO CHIC LIFE use their gifts and talents to maximize their earnings, making money while looking, feeling, and dressing amazing. CEO CHIC is more than a style of dress,

CEO CHIC is an attitude and a lifestyle. 


The mission of CEO CHIC LIFE is to empower individuals to become the CEO of their life and encourage entrepreneurship through turning your life passion into a profit.


The vision of CEO CHIC LIFE is a generation of entrepreneurs earning multiple streams of income while doing work that compliments individual passion.


CEO CHIC is more than a style of dress. CEO CHIC is a style of life. Through the CEO CHIC LIFE brand, mission, and vision, individuals will become inspired to live their best life and run their business like a boss. For those individuals who don't have an established business, CEO CHIC LIFE will assist in transforming your life into your business. CEO CHIC LIFE empowers individuals to take personal inventory of their talents and gifts and establish a business based around their passion and skill set. CEO CHIC LIFE encourages new CEO's to build their brand while working a full time job. CEO CHIC LIFE ascribes to and believes that with faith, a dream, and the internet, anything is possible.


Cherise Ebony Mattheson is the CEO or Chief Ebony Officer of CEO CHIC LIFE. Since 2009 Cherise has assisted radio industry veterans in building their brands and expanding their online presence through blogs, radio shows, and social media. In addition to branding, since 2011 Cherise has been the co-host of a social media inspried radio broadcast on Washington D.C.'s historic WOL radio station. The show covers a gamet of topics and as a result Cherise has a wealth of knowledge about current events, music, entertainment, entrepreneaurship, community programs, and pop culture. Cherise recieved a Masters of Social Work & Urban Planning from the University of Michigan and a Bachelors of Social Work from Frostburg State University where she was initaited into Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

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