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#ClapForHer2K18 Celebrating Winning Women

Before Beyonce' asked the question, "Who Run The World?" and the resounding response was "Girls!", I believe we all knew that women make the world go 'round. Women are everything! And again in the words of Beyonce, "Strong enough to bare the children, and get back to business!" 

In honor of women around the globe raising children, running businesses, paying mortgages, and slaying wife life we present to you #CLAPFORHER2K18

#CLAPFORHER2K18 is a social media campaign highlighting the strength, power, and love of black women. In honor of Women's History Month, each day in March a different winning woman will be featured for her fearlessness, tenacity, and femininity. Join in on the celebration by following the hashtag #CLAPFORHER2K18 

Do you know a woman who deserves a round of applause? We want to clap for her too! Post a picture of the "Winning Woman" you know with the hashtag #CLAPFORHER2K18 along with a description that highlights her fearlessness, tenacity, and femininity.  Everyday women are making history all around us. #CLAPFORHER2K18 will shine the light on these fabulous women and give them a much deserved moment of acknowledgement and encouragement.  Check out the video below to see the beautiful faces of a few of our first #CLAPFORHER2K18 honorees.

Check out #CLAPFORHER2K18 on instagram for the entire month of March. Follow @SavvyCherise & @CEOCHICLIFE for new features daily!

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