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Mental Health Moment: Sand, Sun, & Self Care

Closing out May and #MentalHealthAwareness month in full reflection mode. The first half of 2018 has been filled with blessings and lessons. ✨ I can go on and on about the goals I smashed, the places I’ve traveled to, and the money I’ve made...and lost. *insert sad face* But the best and biggest thing I’ve done all year is prioritize my self care and as a result maintained mental wellness.

I learned the hard way that if you let it, the stress of the world will take you outta here or make you lose your mind while you’re still here. Imagine thinking you can conquer the world while having a poor diet, staying up till 3 am, worrying, stressing, not drinking water and then boom, you’re in the emergency room with an IV in your arm. Dehydrated, exhausted, anxious, depressed. All of the things that happen to you when you don’t plan and prioritize self care. I said not me! And I put myself and my needs at the top of the list! I started living my best life, following my dreams, getting my coins in order, going to bed earlier, drinking more water, working out, going to therapy, and feeling great about 90% of the time! I cracked the code and anytime I do that I have to share the knowledge. And how do you share knowledge? Through books!

Soooooooo I’m super excited to share that I’m publishing another dope guide: Sand, Sun, & Self Care. A guide to help anybody who was like me...not focusing on personal needs and self care. If that’s you then get ready. This book is about you!

Coming in early summer Sand, Sun, & Self Care will feature:

  • 50 Self Care Ideas

  • 12 Month Self Care Planner

  • Self Care Journal

  • 25 Top Beaches Listing

  • Solo Travel Guide

Stay tuned!

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