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3 Things Black Panther Taught Us....That We Already Knew (Podcast)

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past week, you are well aware of the impact that the Black Panther movie has had on the box office, social media, and black history month. Numbers don’t lie! And the numbers are saying that this something we wanted and needed. Deeper than the impact the movie has had financially, Black Panther is teaching important lessons...that we already know.

1. Black People Are Heroes: And deserve to be depicted as such on screen, in Hollywood, and every single day.

2. Black Women Are Warriors: And capable of protecting a King!

3. Black Is Beautiful: And the world is going to get this Black Beauty whether they want it or not! #WakandaForever

Movie critics, commentators, and even “Big Momma’s” (also know as Grandma in the Black Community) across the country have been analyzing the film and pulling out many of the gems that you may have missed if your third eye was closed during the movie. One of my favorite radio personalities/podcaster, EZ Street taped a podcast segment at our church with some heavy hitter guest that are well studied in the diaspora and culture. They took an in-depth look from our lens and what they had to share was beyond thought provoking. Check out the podcast below by clicking the King to listen:

If you haven’t seen the movie yet...GO! ASAP!

If you’re looking to understand and explore some of the spiritual references in the movie and you are in the DC area come thru Union Temple Baptist Church this Sunday (2/25/18) to be a part of a two part sermon series that is guaranteed to awaken you spiritually and culturally. My super fly Pastor Sister friend Rev. Anika Wilson Brown will be leading the charge. Can't make it?

No worries! Click here to stream. Services starts at 9:30 sharp. Last thing....Wakanda Forever!

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