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CEO Travel: Turquoise Waters In Turks & Caicos

Turquoise! If I could describe Turks & Caicos Islands in one word it would be Turquoise. The level of sheer magnificence found in the beaches of this island cannot truly be captured in pictures. It's a must see for yourself! My CEO CHIC LIFE TRAVELS have taken me to a few islands and destinations, but I promise this trip topped my list in the category of natural beauty.

From the moment my Southwest Airlines flight began to make its descent onto the island, it was clear that the water was the main attraction. Sidebar: Check out Southwest Airlines brand new route to Turks & Caicos. The price is right!

CEO Travel: Turquoise Waters In Turks & Caicos

Thanks to my iPhone X I took hundreds of pictures and video capturing all of what the island has to offer. The warm breeze, the sandy white beaches, and of course the turquoise blue water. My complete island review and travel recap video is coming to the blog next week!

Dream Vision Reality Travel Turks & Caicos @SavvyCherise

I'm super excited to share my favorite things about Turks & Caicos and extremely blessed to have experienced these spectacular views. This small slice of paradise is an island lovers dream come true. If you are someone who is dreaming of island hopping and traveling around the world, take a page out of my book....literally. In my book, The Dream Vision Reality Guide, I share how I created travel vision boards for inspiration while I was living off of an unemployment check. My imagination was my ticket around the world because my bank account was not set up to travel anywhere outside of my area code. But patience and positive vibes prevailed because five years later, I moved from imagination to manifestation. The vision is as clear as this water.

Dream Vision Reality Guide @SavvyCherise Turks & Caicos

The Dream Vision Reality Guide teaches you how to curate your mindset for attracting whatever you want. From luxury travel to a loving relationship. You can have it all by starting with imagination and moving strategically to manifestation. I laid the strategy out in a simple process for those who are ready to move from dreaming to doing. If that's you, click here to grab your copy and get started creating the vision for your best life!

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