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Vision Planning: Setting Goals For Your Dreams

Nothing is more powerful than a man (or woman) with a plan. The same thing applies for your dreams. Imagine heading to a distanation with zero direction on how to get there. No map, no gps, just the name of your destination. Without the map (i.e. your plan) you wouldn't know where to start or which direction to go in.

To start off 2018 I not only created a vision board, I also created a PLAN for my vision board. I developed a system for planning actions for my dreams and vision because the vision is just a pretty picture without a plan. First things first...I wrote the vision in my #DreamVisionReality Guide Journal. Paper to pen letting the words flow freely to describe what I want to manifest in 2018. Next, I found pictures that match up with my words and added them to the blank pages of my planner and my #DVRGuide journal.

Next I created a master list of all the things I need to do this month to get me and keep me closer to my vision. Lastly, I transfered the list to my planner assigning them dates to be completed by. Having a plan to outline and to organize the actions I have to take in order to actualize my dream takes the stress out of accomplishing my goals. Lay out the plan, follow the steps, and before you know it your checking off that goal and moving on to the next one ☑️

Are you ready to develop a vision plan and set an intention for your future? Class Is In Session! Welcome to the new CEO CHIC LIFE MASTER CLASS SERIES: Vision Intention Planning (V.I.P.)

Vision Intention Planning Master Class

Become the V.I.P. you deserve to be by creating a Vision Intention Plan. Without a plan, your vision (board) is just a collection of images and words with no direction. In this virtual master class you will achieve the following:

  • Establish a theme for your 2018

  • Set your intention for your vision

  • Organize your thoughts, ideas, and dreams

  • Set goals aligned with your theme, intention, and vision

  • Plan actions with assigned dates of completion

  • Develop affirmations to keep you focused on the vision

  • Prepare for your big dreams and wildest imaginations

Get started on your vision intention plan today by clicking here to enroll! The course is currently on sale for only $11. You're worth it and your vision deserves it!

Happy Planning!


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