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You Gon' Learn Today: Introducing Master Class Virtual Courses

The more you learn, the more you earn! You've heard the sayings. Who you know might get you there, but WHAT you know will keep you there. A cute face might get you in the place, but an intelligent mind will always get you to the front of the line. Hello somebody! You like that? I made it up LOL!

But on a serious note, I've been studying the greats for over a decade and what I've observed is that the most successful and wealthiest people are always acquiring new knowledge and information. Learning how to sharpen their skills through reading books, taking classes, and surrounding themselves by the experts. I even wrote a book about it because I've gotten some gems from moguls like Russell Simmons, Iyanla Vanzant, and Mary J. Blige and I dare not keep this knowledge to myself. (Plug: All of the success secrets I learned from these industry leaders can be found in my book The Dream Vision Reality. Click here to grab your copy. End Plug)

The student has become the teachers beloveds, and I am so pleased to introduce my all new MASTER CLASS series! Each MASTER CLASS is intended to provide you with a personal development skill that will aide in turning your dream and vision into reality. The first course in the MASTER CLASS series is Vision Intention Planning, V.I.P.

Become the V.I.P. you deserve to be by creating a Vision Intention Plan. Without a plan, your vision (board) is just a collection of images and words with no direction. Without a plan, your dream is a ship with no sail. In this virtual master class you will achieve the following:

  • Establish a theme for your 2018

  • Set your intention for your vision

  • Organize your thoughts, ideas, and dreams

  • Set goals aligned with your theme, intention, and vision

  • Plan actions with assigned dates of completion

  • Develop affirmations to keep you focused on the vision

  • Prepare for your big dreams and wildest imaginations!

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