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Girl Bosses Need a CEO Bestie

In business, it’s great to have a bestie who you can connect with on an entrepreneurial level. A Facebook memory and a chitchat with my best friend reminded me why this is so true. It was on this date eight years ago that I traveled to the University of Michigan to celebrate my best friend earning her doctorate degree. Seeing that memory pop up in my Facebook feed today prompted me to call her and let her know how proud of her accomplishments that I am. In eight years she has not only mastered her craft as a physical therapist, but she has also opened her own private practice with her husband. Go girl! 

There is nothing better than being able to celebrate, strategize, and discuss new ideas surrounding your business with your best friend. Your business bestie can not only tell you when you’re doing great, but can also tell you when you need to take your grind to the next level. And it’s just great to have other girl bosses in your circle when you’re doing CEO things.

Somethings only a fellow entrepreneur, CEO, or girl boss would understand. Plus we all know the saying, birds of a feather flock together, so truthfully speaking it’s only natural for your friends goals to be similar to yours. 

Shout out to all the besties making boss moves and cheering each other on along the way! My bestie Leslie and I are up to something collectively to ensure other women don’t have to travel the entrepreneurial road alone. Stay tuned!

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