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St. Lucia: A Trip to Paradise

The beauty that St. Lucia has to offer is all that I imagined and more. Views. Breathtaking! Weather. Perfect! Water. Crystal clear! Pictures could never competely capture the true essence of this tropical land.

From the moment I landed, I felt like I was at home. That feeling may be attributed to my father being born on the island. My five day voyage included so much action and activity! Too much to share in a single blog post, so I’ll be sharing a series of post from my growing digital travel diary.

Each post will recap the adventures, from the waterfalls and mud bath, to the catamaran tour to the islands treasured Pitons (twin mountains). And the Friday night street word -> LIT 🔥 St. Lucia is a must visit for every travel and island lover. This passport stamp was well worth it!

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