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Introducing The Money Magnet Citrine Bracelet

“Money is usually attracted, not pursued.” -Jim Rohn

Money Magnet Mindset

I'm not sure how you've been thinking about money in your lifetime or if money management was a part of your upbringing, but one thing I do know is that I've had this money thing all wrong. Studying millionaires, billionaires, and money mavens has shown me that amassing large amounts of money is less about work and more about thought. Millionaire money makers not only have a millionaire work ethic, they have a millionaire mindset.

From Jay Z to Beyonce, from Puffy to Oprah, they all have one thing in common when it comes to their fortunes. They each tapped into the power of their minds to create money and attract opportunities to multiply what they created. Now don't get it twisted, as dope as Beyonce' makes it look, money is not going to just come falling out of the sky, but trust and believe when you set your intention, opportunities for you to make money will fall out of the sky. And that is where you put in the work! The millionaire mindset work that sets you apart from penny pinchers and puts you in the environment of the money makers. The first stop to becoming a money magnet with a millionaire mindset is thinking, believing, speaking, and acting as if the money you are dreaming about is already in your bank account.

The Birth of the Bracelet

My studies of the rich and famous along with my personal pursuits of millionaire living, led me to create the Money Magnet Citrine Bracelet. Affirmations have been a regular part of my life and became even more meaningful after writing the affirmations for my book The DVR Guide. However, I found that I needed a visual reminder that was easily accessible to me to get me focused on my millionaire dreams, even when the bill collectors are calling. Through various self-care retreats and workshops I discovered the power of crystals and started studying those too. (I'm a low-key nerd if you couldn't tell). After becoming familiar with Citrine, I knew I had to make this beauty a staple item in my life.

Attracting Money Like A Magnet With Citrine

The Money Magnet Citrine Bracelet channels the metaphysical properties found in this precious crystal healing stone. Like everything, crystals are energy and energy is transferable. Citrine is known as the "Merchants Stone" and is said to be the premier manifestation stone. Also known as the "Success Stone" when combined with the power of your intention and affirmation, it is a powerful stone for helping with the manifestation of prosperity and abundance. By opening the third eye, Citrine stimulates your imagination, helping you to visualize anything that you desire. This crystal stone brings an energy that encourages joy, happiness and hope to flow through you. Citrine is fierce and also has a strong ability to soothe fear and anxiety. By allowing you to let go of your fear, this stone helps you to be able to accept the positive things that are coming your way into your life. Attract the money that you desire and deserve with the Money Magnet Citrine Bracelet.

Citrine Crystal Care

The bracelet is beautiful, and I'm not just saying that because I designed it. But if you want to wear this bracelet for a greater purpose than fashion and style, this is where the work comes in. While wearing this bracelet, spend some time in meditation visualizing the amount of money you desire. Feel what it feels like to have that money in your account. Smile as you create the picture of what it looks like to have your money available to you. You can program your crystal's energy to connect with your intention by holding your bracelet in your hand while saying your intention out loud. Crystals are typically cleansed through a process called smudging with sage. Sage can be purchased easily from amazon or any store that sells incense and oils. Prior to stating your intentions for your crystal bracelet, light a piece of sage and allow the smoke to flow around your bracelet. You can also cleanse and program your crystals with a splash of water and then sitting it in a windowsill during a full or new moon. Are you ready to manifest your money by activating the money magnet in you? Click the bracelet below to order your Money Magnet Citrine Bracelet today. Each bracelet is hand made with love and positive energy.

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