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New Month, New Merch: Affirmation Jewelry

It's the first of the month, 61 days away from 2018, and I'm already feeling like it's New Year's! Why? Because I'm launching a few new things to stay in line with my goal to slay all of 2017. This year has been great for me! I've traveled in and out of the country, published a book (with a workbook/journal), moved into a new home that I love, and it doesn't stop there. This month I am launching a brand new line of Affirmation Jewelry to keep the inspiration flowing all day long! The vision for the line is to provide jewelry that will trigger our minds to think positive, visualize, and remember the goals and dreams we are striving daily to accomplish. That's pretty dope right?

In the words of my sister Beyonce, "I dream it, I work hard, I grind till I own it!" Visualizing, dreaming, and repeating affirmations consistently has been a winning formula for me......and I want to keep on winning! For the entire month of November, I will be rolling out new merchandise as a part of the soft launch of the new jewelry line. I'll also be announcing the name of the line. But for now, I've released the first item, the "Future Millionaire" affirmation necklace, available for preorder.

Future Millionaire Affirmation Necklace

This necklace came about thanks to my son and rapper 21 Savage. Because of them, I realized that singing the catchy hook to the popular song "M's in my bank account" is an affirmation! Last month he and I were riding to school and he says mom can I hear M's in my bank account....thats an affirmation. A light bulb went off💡🤔 fast forward to the next month and I'm preparing for a full launch of my new jewelry line of wearable #Affirmations and healing stone bracelets.

I don't know about you, but I'm ready to see a few M's in my bank account! So every time I look in the mirror and see this gold "Future Millionaire" necklace around my neck, I will be reminded of the goal.....destination millionaire!

We've got the power within our hands to create all of the income we desire and deserve. You feel me? Click the future millionaire necklace below to preorder your affirmation jewelry today!

See you in the Millionaire Club!


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