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Self-Ish: Self Care & Good Vibes

The |SELF|ish’, Creative Day Retreat and Wellness Experience is something that every woman can benefit from. From letting go of fear to reclaiming our finances, myself and the other "selfish" women who participated in this wellness event were showered with empowerment, information, and inspiration.

Two words I love to hear are Self-Care. Through my three decades on this earth, I've learned that taking care of and prioritizing self is a must! Often times we (women especially) learn the hard way that we have to love on ourselves, our bodies, our minds, our spirits, and our emotions. It is not until we breakdown that we start to make it our business to make sure that we are well. In a world filled with negativity and hate, we have to be the captain of the Good Vibes Team in our life. Thanks to organizations like "Well Body. Well Soul", there is a space for us to be "selfish".

The |SELF|ish’, Creative Day Retreat and Wellness Experience is the brainchild of Jessica C. Featherson, founder of WellBody.WellSoul. Pictured above, Jessica is a performing artist, creative professional, health coach, and fitness trainer who is deeply passionate about health and wellness and the unique interconnected relationship between the mind, body, and soul. Glowing with love and light, Jessica led 20 plus women on a four hour journey of self-care.

The beautiful artwork and panoramic city views of the Congress Heights Arts and Cultural Center set the backdrop for the event experience. The day included everything from meditation, to rooftop yoga, DIY facials, vegan brunch and fresh pressed juice (from Jessica's new juice line), financial empowerment, and the cutest flower crown making session/contest. The day ended with affirmations and intention settings led by yours truly :-) It was an honor to be one of the facilitators for this much needed event. One lucky lady won the raffle and was gifted a copy of my Dream Vision Reality Workbook and Journal.

Click here to meet Jessica and learn how she is redifining |SELF|ish'(ness). Thank you WellBody.WellSoul for allowing me to be a part of your vision to promote total, mind, body, and soul wellness.

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