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Speaking Engagements....Into Existence

Speaking engagements have been at the top of my 2017 "goals and expectations" list since publishing "The DVR Guide". My DVR Guide and Goal Getting Worksheet has become my new bestie. Click here to get your FREE copy. I promise writing your goals down will completely change the game!

During the month of May, I made a declaration with the intention of manifesting speaking engagements. Because my business operation is currently a party of one, staying on top of seeking out potential speaking opportunities often takes a back seat to sales, my full time job, and most importantly caring for my son. I told myself, and the universe that I would be receiving invitations to speak at events to share how pursuing my dreams changed my life. I also wrote an affirmation in my D.V.R. Guide Workbook & Journal that said, "I am attracting opportunities to inspire people through speaking engagements". For the next few days I repeated my affirmation to myself and sometimes said it out loud while driving to and fro. I am attracting opportunities to inspire people through speaking engagements....over and over again.

Two days later, I was invited to speak at a mother's day program at DC charter school. And then came an invitation to speak at the Over Accessorized "Black Girl Magic" Stage. Literally a couple of days after speaking at Achievement Prep Academy, I received an email invitation from Over Accessorized with a request for my Bio and photo. Side note: Stay ready, so you don't have to get ready! I was already in position with a Bio and photo on deck and I sent it right over.

That wasn't it. The request to speak kept coming in and by mid-may I'd already committed to speaking at three events for the month of June.

Hello Black Girl Magic! But this magic isn't exclusive to black girls, or women, or celebrities. Anyone and everyone can tap into the magic of speaking things into existence. Here's the key: Believe it. Write it. Speak it. Receive it.

I've used this formula over and over again without fail. It's the basis of the DVR Guide and the notion of Dream to Vision to Reality. Grab a copy of the DVR Guide if you haven't already, write those goals down, speak life into them, and let's make magic!

Check out a short clip of one of my speaking engagements below. I'm so excited for the ones that are coming up including those that I haven't even been invited to yet. Steady manifesting and speaking things into existence.

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