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Celebrate: World Book Day & A Free "DVR Guide" Giveaway

World Book Day is celebrated around the globe annually on April 23rd and of course I had to join in on the fun. I fell in love with books as a child when my mother took me to the library and I received my first library card. Just eight years old, I was so excited to have a card with my name on it lol! It felt like a credit card to a kid. That card opened the door to a world of imagination and education allowing me to fall in love with reading. The benefits to reading are endless! Science shows that the habit can make you smarter, more emotionally intelligent and even increase the likelihood of becoming successful and wealthy. Reading also planted the seed for me to grow from a little girl with a library card to a successful woman, entrepreneur, and author.

To celebrate World Book day and the completion of the #DVRChallenge I decided to do something to inspire reading. (If you missed it, the #DVRChallenge was a 10 day challenge starting on the 100th day of the year to think, speak, and post positivity. Catch up on it here.) For the rest of the month of April I will be giving away FREE digital copies of the DVR Guide. The DVR Guide is the blueprint to help give life to dreams. From Dream to Vision to Reality the guide includes a 28 Day visualization process, celebrity inspirational interviews from my dream job in radio, and a workbook and journal filed with over 50 positive affirmations.

Starting today, when you purchase the DVR Guide Journal and Workbook for $15 you will receive a free digital copy of the DVR Guide. The DVR Guide functions the same way as your home DVR. You program the DVR to record what you want to watch allow the DVR to capture it, and come back later to enjoy! This guide shows you how to take the same approach with your life and your dreams. Are you ready? Click here to order your DVR Guide Workbook and Journal to receive your FREE digital DVR Guide.

Happy Reading!


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