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It's the 100th Day Of The Year #DVRChallenge

April 10th marks the 100th day of 2017! Although it may feel like we just threw the confetti and clinked our glasses to welcome 2017, now here we are looking at the 100th day. The 100th day is a perfect day to 1) assess the progress on your current goals and 2) set some new goals.

The three goals I'm celebrating accomplishing in 2017 are:

1. Moving into a new home with my son.

2. Launching a new website

3. Self-publishing The DVR Guide Workbook & Journal

Looking back I realized the main thing that assisted me with achieving my goal is SPEAKING! Speaking positively, speaking with excitement, speaking to God through prayer, and speaking things into existence. Words have power and I learned how to tap in! This power is explained in detail in my book the DVR Guide.

Because I've tried it and I know it works I'm sharing this power with you and everyone who is opening to trying it. Introducing the #DVRChallenge. For the next 10 days I'll by posting excerpts, exercises, and affirmations from my book that will challenge readers to 1. Define their dream 2. create their vision and 3. live their reality through positive affirmations and speaking it into existence.

Are you in? Participation is easy! Just go on instagram and follow @SavvyCherise @CEOCHICLIFE Look for post with the hashtag #DVRChallenge. Repost, screenshot, share the affirmations that are posted on both pages. Spend 10 minutes for the next 10 days reading and speaking positive affirmations. Before the 10 days is up spend an hour reflecting on the last 100 days and 1 hour planning for the next 100 days. If you already have the DVR Guide Workbook and Journal, it's time to really jump in and put that baby to work!

Don't have a copy yet? Order online at or better here! Happy 100th Day of the Year! Let's get it!


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