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Introducing "The DVR Guide" Collection

The year 2016 has most definitely been a doozy for many, but some great things occurred as well. Both Beyonce' and Solange released dope albums, the world witnessed the closest "Super Moon" since 1938, and the Bad Boy 20 Year Reunion Tour was everything! For me I started the year with some pretty ambitious goals for my life and my business, including travel, increasing my income, and developing strategic partnership. I am pleased to say I accomplished many of them, the main one being my newest creation, "The DVR Guide" collection.

The "DVR Guide" is a story and guide for those who dare to pursue their dreams by tapping into the power of visualization. The collection includes personal stories and testimonies of dreams turned into realities. Not only is the "DVR Guide" collection a story and a guide for developing a vision plan for manifesting dreams, it is also a workbook and journal providing readers the opportunity to personalize their DVR experience. Journaling is a powerful tool that adds clarity to our thoughts, visions, and dreams. When journal writing is coupled with creative visualizations and positive affirmations, magic happens!

Get ready to create your own magic through "The DVR Guide Collection". Click here to PRE-ORDER your copy today! Books will be available on February 19th and shipped on Febraury 21st.

Thank you in advance for your support . As we prepare for 2017, let's get ready for an amazingly magical year of our wildest dreams.


Author of The DVR Guide

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