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CEO Tips: 4 Jay Z Inspired Success Principles

On a recent scroll through instagram, I came across a throwback video of mega mogul and the ultimate CEO, Jay Z. Instead of dropping bars, he was dropping knowledge on an important element of success. Belief in ones self.

Here's what he had to say:

1. Have a strong belief in yourself.

-He's right! If you don't believe in yourself you really can't expect others to believe in you. Plus it isn't even about anyone else, it's about you. You are CEO of YOUR life.

2. Quiet the noise.

-Whew! This right here is a big one. There are so many distractions (also known as noise) from comments on social media, to comments in real life. This noise has to be turned down, muted, turned off, in order for us CEO's to successfully accomplish our life goals.

3. Don't allow people to project their fears, short comings, failures on you.

--This is so real. A lot of times when we share our visions and dreams with others and their response is negative and non encouraging, it's because of their fear or perceived inability. I can share a personal example of this. *Sorry Mom* When I made the decision to go away to college and I shared the news with my mother that I would be attending Frostburg State University, her response was..."Why?" Instead of being excited she projected her fear on to me. She was afraid of me moving two and a half hours away and if I would have allowed her fear to impact me I would've missed out on a life altering experience. She meant well, but the moral of the story is don't let people put their stuff on you. Family members included.

4. Be strong enough and resilient to believe in whatever it is that you're trying to do.

--Believing in yourself is the first step in accomplishing your goals and the key to opening up the door to your dreams. If you have a day that your "Belief In Self"levels are low, don't beat your self up. It's all about resiliency, just try again tomorrow.

Click here to check out the video.

I believe in you!

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