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#WUASTT Episode 3: Radio Dreams Realized With Kelson The Urban Informer

In this episode of Wake Up and Smell The Tea, I'm so excited to speak with my first guest of the podcast, Kelson, the Urban Informer. Kelson is the operations manager for Radio One Baltimore and host of Kels In The Afternoon, airing weekdays from 2-6pm on 92Q Jamz. You can check out his full bio here. We discussed his rise in radio from intern to the big boss; overcoming tragedy, death, and depression; and what happens when talent and hard work collide. Check out the podcast here.

Dream Big!

"Nothing is worth doing if it’s not done with heart and I’ve put my heart into everything I do from the family and friends I love, the city I entertain and the world I inform." -Kelson @urbaninformer

And keep your selfie light popping :-)

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