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High Heels High Goals #NetworkingIsFree

Dear Entrepreneurs,

A message from Ronne B....."networking is free!" Who is Ronne B you ask? Ronne Brown is a young, fly, entrepreneur, wife, mother, speaker, author, and success coach. Definetly someone who can drop knowledge on business and success. She defyed the odds of teen pregnancy and after leaving her twenties she joined the millionaires club. Take notes!

In addition to her profit making ventures, Ronne also has a passion for pouring positivity into the lives of women entrepreneurs like herself and her circle of friends. She is the founder of High Heels High Goals, a membership organziation with benefits that you can't put a price tag on. High Heels High Goals is the place where mindsets shift for creative entrepreneurial women.“It’s not enough for us women to wear our high heels, and look amazing, yet remain void of purpose, direction, and goals…”Our mission at High Heels High Goals is to empower, educate, and engage the Entrepreneur and the Renaissance woman, who has a purpose to fulfill, and a vision to carry out. On June 13th, 2015 High Heels High Goals is hosting a free event for women (and men) to come together, network, be inspired, and be encouraged to keep your goals high! I had the opportunity to have a chat with Ronne about High Heels High Goals and the upcoming event. And don't worry if heels aren't your thing...flats are welcomed too :-)

Click here for your tickets. Find out more at

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