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Dream Big: A Conversation With Taraji P. Henson

Before Cookie, there was a girl from DC with big dreams of becoming a star. In her high school year book picture a quote from Taraji stated a bold declaration of what she desired for her future. She said "On the real tip, to be famous". Fast forward to 2015 and Taraji has done just that!

Isn't it completly amazing the power we have to speak things into existence? Like Taraji and many others in this world, I have big dreams too. Some, I've accomplished while others are still on the list. One of those dreams was actualized with the help of Taraji P. Henson. Get the full back story here. The end result was a conversation with Tarjai about following you're dreams. Here is what she had to say:

WOW! Dream big! Not only to show your children how to dream, but because dreams really do come true.

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