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Destination 2015: As Diddy Would Say, Let's Go!!! (Video)

The countdown is on! With just 30 days until 2015, if you haven't already started working on your vision, goals, and strategy for 2015 then're behind. But what better day than the last first day of the month of 2014. There's is nothing like a new week, a Monday, a fresh start to motivate and inspire you to set the stage for you to be great!

Here's how this CEO is preparing for the New Year:

1. 2014 Evaluation -- This is an opportunity to celebrate your successes for the year. I write down all of the things I accomplished, completed, and acquired for the year. I also use this as an opportunity to reflect on the things that did not go well for the year and how I can work to improve in those areas. Finally, I thank God for bringing me to this point in the year. I express my gratitude for the good, the bad, ups, and downs and the growth that took place as a result of each experience.

2. Write The Vision -- The creation process of writing the vision is the fun part. I literally craft my vision for the year through vision boards, images, and descriptions of what I want my year to be like. Without limitation I detail what I desire for myself and I write it down (and then type it and email it to myself so I can always access it).

3. Speak The Language -- After creating the vision, I speak the language associated with the vision. For example, I have a goal of getting a new contract so I say words that reflect my desire to acquire a new contact. "I am so excited about getting a new contract. I am prepared to receive my new contract. This new contract that I am about to get, yesssssss!" In addition to specific goal language, I also make sure my overall language is positive as I prepare for the New Year. Eliminating negativity from my vocabulary and thoughts; declining invitations to negative conversation; and speaking positivity with focus and intention. This year I am beyond excited about this because I am using my E-Book of Positive Affirmations as my guide. For the next 30 Days I will be spending 30 minutes with the book saying and writing affirmations. Join me! Click here for your copy.

4. Get Inspired -- Last but most certainly not least. Get Inspired! Be excited! This is an amazing time to set yourself up for an awesome 2015. Let's create the best year of our lives! Take a page out of the book of Diddy. This CEO is definitely someone who can inspire you to take the limits off your vision in order to live an amazing life! In this motivational video Diddy breaks down a few vital techniques and thoughts on what it takes to get money, be successful, and achieve your dreams. Take notes:

"If you dream and you believe, you can accomplish anything you want to accomplish." --Diddy

Let's Go!!!



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