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CEO TALK: How To Be A Boss With Rick Ross

"You've got to know you're a BOSS before you even blow! You've got to feel that in your heart, you've got to carry yourself in that manner. You should make up your mind and not let nothing or no one hold you back! Ain't nothing wrong with dreaming of things that to a lot of other people are unbelievable. Ain't nothing wrong with dreaming big." --Rick Ross


In my opinion the best way to be inspired into your greatness, purpose, and vision is to see and hear from those who have done the same thing. Take a look at Rick Ross, a CEO and self made millionaire. From the ground up, he used his vision, drive, work ethic, and the ability to speak things into existence to create a music empire.

In this super dope and inspirational video via, Ross breaks down exactly what it takes to be a BOSS! Drive, work ethic, ambition, faith, confidence, what you think, and what you speak.

Don't tell them you're a them you're a boss!

Let's Go!

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