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Freshman: Affirmations & Inspiration For The First Year Of High School shares insight and guidance for the Freshman Experience. The transition from middle to high school can be daunting teenagers. With the proper guidance, a plan, and a positive mindset, freshman year can be the stepping stone towards the beginning of a successful young adult life. This book and journal shares guidance and real life experience from high school alumni giving current freshman the blueprint to academic success and a healthy social life. Written from the perspective of a student and a parent, Freshman focuses on the power of affirmations, personal principals, time-management, self-esteem, and positive peer relationships among many other essential conversations for teens entering their high school years. Maurice Rorie is a high school student with entrepreneurial interest and aspirations of attending college upon graduation. Cherise Mattheson is a mother to Maurice Rorie, Licensed Social Worker, and Author of The Dream Vision Reality Guide, and Sand, Sun, Self Care. This mother and son duo believe that with positive thinking, affirmations, and faith, all things are possible. 

Freshman: Affirmations & Inspiration

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